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In common with birthdays, the interval between successive Christmases seems to shorten every year and I find myself wondering where the last twelve months have gone… 

I hope that the year has been successful for us all. If reports are to be believed, there have been good bits and less good bits, depending on where you are and what you specialise in, but broadly things seem to have been better this year than in the previous twelve months.

The GTA has been, as ever, busy on behalf of its membership and I would like to thank John Batley and his team – Graham, Chrissie, Stephanie and Fiona – for all their hard work and dedication. We are truly fortunate to have such a helpful and efficient team at the members’ disposal.

On a sad note, I would draw your attention to the obituary of Colin Greenwood, who passed away in November. If ever there was a man who fought ceaselessly for shooting sports people, it was Colin. 

May all of you have a peaceful and blessed Christmas. 

Edward King