Protecting & promoting the
UK Gun Trade since 1912



This year has seen more activity than ever before with the introduction of the new EU Regulation on de-activated firearms, the proposed new EU Firearms Directive and the Policing and Crime Bill.

The net result for the GTA and its members has seen us working harder than ever for the benefit of the Trade.

We have attended some 80 separate meetings, both here at the Secretariat and further afield - from Brussels to Scotland and seemingly countless times in London, both to Parliament and the Home Office. The Director has driven more than 12,000 miles on behalf of the Association and also attended many Trade and Game Fairs.

For the record we have handled more phone calls, emails and letters than ever this year and our all important E-Mail bursts have continued fortnightly updates on legislation, transport and other important matters. 

The Director meets with the official and statutory bodies and organisations that have an impact on YOUR business:


We shall continue to defend and promote the UK gun trade in 2017 and beyond