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Defra announces rejection of proposed LAG lead ban

On 12th July 2016 Liz Truss, (Defra Minister of State), announced that:

‘With regard to the impact of lead ammunition on wildlife, we note that the report does not provide evidence of causation linking possible impacts of lead ammunition with sizes of bird populations inEngland.’

‘In both instances- human health and wildlife- the Report did not show that the impacts of lead ammunition were significant enough to justify changing current policy; we therefore do not accept your recommendation to ban the use of lead ammunition’.

This is a major victory for the shooting industry and one in which the GTA is proud to have had a very considerable part in achieving success.

GTA members will know that the Director served on the Lead Ammunition Group (LAG),as one of the original members, during the entire five year period of the LAG’s deliberations. He, and the four other shooting community members, totally rejected the proposals put forward by the LAG to ban lead and resigned in protest at the way in which the conclusions were reached by the Group.

As a result of the enormous efforts by the shooting members of the LAG  the shooting community is free to continue using lead.

Please click HERE to read Liz Truss's letter


John Batley