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The EU Referendum

The Referendum result means we are now in a situation that we have never faced before and are, so far, unsighted as to how events will unfold. The EU Regulation on de-acs, the proposed new EU Firearms Directive and the UK Policing & Crime Bill are all linked to one another and we must await official comments from the UK Government before we know how we will be affected and can offer guidance to our members.

There are a number of questions.  When will the UK invoke Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon to start the process of unravelling the UK from the EU?  What will be the approach of our new UK Government to EU firearms legislation that is in the process of being (or has been), implemented?  What will Brussels do to implement this legislation during any interim period before the UK leaves the Union?  What effect will these issues have on current UK Bills?  The Prime Minister said in his resignation speech that 'legislation that was in the Queen's Speech' will continue its passage through Parliament.  This could mean that the Policing & Crime Bill will not change.

 As for the economics, if the pound falls against other currencies exports will benefit but imports will suffer.  Many of our civilian firearms and other goods come from the EU and these could become more expensive in UK gun shops.  Equally important could be restrictions on the free movement of goods to and from the 27 remaining Member States.  At present we have a simple import and export system between EU dealers and our RFDs which is based on EU transfer arrangements.  We do not know if this will change when we are no longer in the EU.

The mood in Brussels will be tempered by Angela Merkel’s request for moderation in the dealings with the UK and let us never forget that we are a resilient people and others in the EU will want/need to continue to buy from and sell to their long standing partners in the UK.

The GTA will be closely monitoring the situation and keep members informed as soon as we have further information.


John Batley